18 Sep

28 Jul

The TSAF 2018 Stops Off in Japan

Between 29 June and 6 July the Trans-Siberian Art Festival visits Tokyo and Maebashi.

8 Jul

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival Building Bridges

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival is a founding partner of a longterm cultural partnership between Russia and Japan.

25 Jun

Total Чайковский

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival Reaches the U.S.A. for the First Time

14 May

The Russian Part of the 5th TSAF 2018 Comes to an End

On 12 May at the Mariinsky Concert Hall in St Petersburg the Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra played under Chief Conductor Vladimir Lande. This concert marked the closing of the Russian leg of this year's 5th Trans-Siberian Art Festival.

21 Apr

Festival Final in Samara

Trans-Siberian TONALi Tour Plays This Year's Final Chord in Samara

17 Apr

Thanks to Such Concerts New Names Will Rise to Fame

Olga Golodets Visits the Festival Concert at Moscow's Central Music School

16 Apr

The TSAF 2018 in Samara

Three Festival Events in Samara

13 Apr

Special Projeсt

Guest Performance of the Bolshoi Theater's "Lady of the Camellias", a special Project of TSAF took place at the Novosibirsk Opera House on April 12th and 13th 

7 Apr

See You Again, Krasnoyarsk!

Festival Closing Concert in Krasnoyarsk

3 Apr

Dialogue: I and You

A Gubaidulina World Premiere Closes the Festival in Novosibirsk

29 Mar

We Need Culture More than Political Games

Thomas Quasthoff about the tragedy in Kemerovo and the memorial concert on 28 March

28 Mar

In memoriam

Memorial concert for the vicitims of the Kemerovo fire

25 Mar

Our Entire Life Consists of Management

The Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour balances its Novosibirsk accounts

22 Mar

A New Festival Enterprise

The first Academy of Art Journalism takes place between 19 and 22 March.

18 Mar

Krasnoyarsk Receives the TSAF

Three of eight planned events take place at the Festival's second hub Krasnoyarsk

15 Mar

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival Arrives in Moscow

On 14 March in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire the first concert in the Russian capital took place. 

15 Mar

В Красноярске появилась огромная скрипка

К открытию Транссибирского Арт-Фестиваля в Красноярске на улице установили гигантскую скрипку

14 Mar

The Indomitable Bow

Russian Premiere of Bruno Monsaingeon's latest film (2017) "Mstislav Rostropovich. The Indomitable Bow" in Novosibirsk.

13 Mar

We Play in Berdsk

Festival Regional Chamber Music Series Opens in Berdsk

9 Mar

We're Off!

The Fifth Trans-Siberian Art Festival Opens in Novosibirsk

8 Mar

First Master Classes Carried Out

Opening of the educational project "Meet a Star"

24 Feb

TSAF Master Classes Schedule

Schedule of master classes and other educational projects at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

16 Feb

Five Premieres for the Fifth Anniversary

The complete programme of the 5th Trans-Siberian Art Festival presented in Moscow

15 Feb

Aeroflot Allows Instruments on Board

Musical instruments will fly for free after all

14 Feb

Festival Board of Trustees Meeting

Meeting of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival's Board of Trustees

9 Feb

A Modern Way of Getting to Know a Profession

The Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour in Moscow, Samara and Krasnoyarsk

6 Feb

Popular Art Management

The Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour returns to Novosibirsk

5 Feb

The "School of Masters" for Singers

Maestro Lisitsian sums it up

30 Jan

Arts Journalism Conference

A new educational project of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

11 Dec

"Russia in Japan"

New cultural joint-venture presented in Tokyo

10 Dec

An Unprecedented Number of World Premieres

Vadim Repin presents the programme of the 5th Trans-Siberian Art Festival

19 Nov

Presentation of the Project "Russia in Japan"

Presentation of the new project "Russia in Japan" at the 6th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum

15 Nov

Completion of Master Courses

Successful completion of master courses of Dmitry Bashkirov and Boris Garlitsky

1 Oct

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2017 Closes in Japan

Japan becomes one of the Festival's regular hubs.

27 Aug

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival and DK "Energy" Recruit Studens for New Masters' School

Dmitry Bashkirov (piano) will hold a master class in Novosibirsk from 4th to 9th November 2017, Boris Garpitsky (violin) from 15th to 20th November and Dmitry Vdovin (voice) from 16th to 19th January 2018.

6 Jun

Meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan

Vadim Repin and Svetlana Zakharova meet Japan's Prime Minister

5 Jun

Japanese Press Conference

Tokyo press conference devoted to the Japanese leg of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2017

28 Apr

Russian Part of the 4th Trans-Siberian Art Festival Comes to a Conclusion

Tobolsk and Tyumen receive the Trans-Siberian Art Festival and artistic director Vadim Repin for the first time

24 Apr

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival Arrives in Western Europe

On 24 April a concert of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival took place in the European Parliament...

16 Apr

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival Arrives in Samara

Artistic director Vadim Repin appears on the stage of the Samara Philharmonic Hall on 16 April

8 Apr

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival in St Petersburg

Yet another Highlight of the 4th Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2017

5 Apr

The Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour Reaches Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk, the TONALis unite with the VIVALini

3 Apr


Closing Concert of the Festival in Novosibirsk

1 Apr

Childern Play for Children

Exhilarating performances by young soloists and impressive work by Novosibirsk school teams

28 Mar

The Legendary Conductor Visits Novosibirsk

Vladimir Fedoseyev conducts in Novosibirsk on 27 March

27 Mar

Vadim Repin and Alexander Buzlov close the Festival in Novosibirsk

Festival Closing Concert on 3rd April in Novosibirsk without Leonidas Kavakos

27 Mar


Vladimir Spivakov and the Moscow Virtuosi play to a sold-out house

22 Mar

A Strad Resounds in Berdsk

Berdsk opens the Festival's concert series in Novosibirsk regional towns

21 Mar


Alexander Knyazev with an amazing Bach organ evening at the Philharmonic Chamber Hall

20 Mar

Alma Mater

Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Novosibirsk State Conservatoire

19 Mar

Bruno Monsaingeon

Meetings with the legendary French film maker

16 Mar


Giuliano Carmignola in Novosibirsk

15 Mar

First Festival Press Conference

First Meeting with Local Media on 15 March

15 Mar

The 4th Trans-Siberian Departed!

Vadim Repin's 4th Trans-Siberian Art Festival opened in Novosibirsk on 15 April

13 Mar

Wonderful Opening of Masterclass Cycle

Large turnout for the opening and first masterclass of Dana Ciocarlie at the House of Culture "Energiya"

8 Mar

Master Class Schedule in Novosibirsk

The Master Classes take place at the House of Culture "Energy"

16 Feb

Olga Golodets Appointed Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

Olga Golodets Appointed Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

7 Feb

Young Students Become Concert Promoters

Trans-Siberian TONALi Tour takes off successfully from Novosibirsk

3 Feb

2017 Schedule and Performers Online

TSAF Schedule 2017 Announced at Novosibirsk Press Conference

13 Jan

The Lakshminarayana International Award 2017 was given to Vadim Repin

This year the Lakshminarayana International Award celebrates its 20th anniversary

11 Jan

Vadim Repin and Svetlana Smolina on TV in India

Vadim Repin and his pianist Svetlana Smolina appeared on the popular Indian TV “SaPa Show”.

10 Jan

“35 years later… with love, Vadim Repin”

This is how Vadim Repin recenty signed his gramophone record made 35 years ago and which he found carefully stored in the house of the famous violinist, composer, arranger and teacher Lakshminaryana Subramaniam.

27 Nov

Vadim Repin in the "White Studio"

Interview on Russian TV channel "Kultura"

2 Aug

Vadim Repin at Moscow's Festival "Inspiration"

Vadim played at the gala concert during the Moscow art festival "Inspiration"

23 Jun

The 3rd Trans-Siberian Art Festival Draws to a Close

A triumphal concert in Japan closes the TSAF 2016

10 Jun

Konichiwa, Japan!

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival Visits Japan

31 May

Bravo, Pirastro!

When they first heard about the Trans-Siberian Art Festival, the management of "Pirastro GmbH" expressed its desire to become a partner of the Festival and also support young musicians in Siberia by sending the participants of the children's concert some sets of strings.

28 May

Vadim Repin to Play on Red Square

The book festival “Red Square” runs from 3rd to 6th June 2016 and coincides with both Pushkin’s birthday, as well as the Day of Russian Language.

10 May

The First International Leg Completed

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival's first international visit comes to a successful closing.

8 May

Children Play for Children

On 7 and 8 May concerts of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival took place in Israel where young musicians appeared on stage next to famous masters.

24 Apr

Мост между Востоком и Западом

Художественный руководитель Транссибирского Арт-фестиваля Вадим Репин дал интервью Римме Осипенко

22 Apr

World Premiere at the Third Trans-Siberian Art Festival

On 22 April in Novosibirsk and on 27 April in Krasnoyarsk violinist and composer Aleksei Igudesman presents his new programme "Waltz of the World"

22 Apr

Public encounter with Mischa Maisky

On 22 April world-famous cellist Mischa Maisky talked to our Festival audience and answered a lot of interesting questions.

21 Apr

„Pas-de-deux for Toes and Fingers“ in Krasnoyarsk

On 21 April, Svetlana Zakharova, Vadim Repin and the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra present their programme „Pas-de-deux for Toes and Fingers“ in Krasnoyarsk

20 Apr

Vadim Repin Introduced the Capital to an Unusual Cinematographic Project

Moscow's audiences greeted the performance with great enthusiasm.

15 Apr

New Planet Discovered at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

On 13th and 14th April in Novosibirsk, the world's only twin brother clarinet duo presented the programme "Planet of the Clarinet".

12 Apr

The Palm Leaf Prize Goes to Novosibirsk for the Third Time

Denis Ivanov's restaurant #СибирьСибирь (#SibirSibir) considered the best in Russia and now sets out to charm Paris.

12 Apr

„Northern Lights“ in Novosibirsk

On 11th April Finnish conductor Pietari Inkinen and Novosibirsk-born Vadim Repin performed at the Philharmonic Hall

11 Apr

In Novosibirsk, the Festival’s first music-dramatic project came to life

„Visions of Shakespeare“, presented on 10 April at the Philharmonic Chamber Hall, unites acting with the sound of the organ, the oboe and the countertenor voice

11 Apr

Master classes and Encounters with Artists

Within the framework of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival some of our artists will hold master classes or meet local students and music lovers

10 Apr

9th April - Opening of the 3rd Trans-Siberian Art Festival in Novosibirsk

Legendary musicians of our time gathered on the Arnold Kats Concert Hall stage for the gala "Here We Go Again"

11 Mar

First Concert of the 2016 Festival

Played to a full house and full delight at the Mariinsky Concert Hall

26 Feb

From London with LOVE

Enthusiastic Audience Reactions to the World Premiere of LOVE with Aphrodite Raickopoulou's new score played by Vadim Repin. Standing Ovations at World Premiere of LOVE

25 Feb

The world premiere took place, The Russian - ahead

Vadim Repin & Frank Strobel about new music for LOVE

24 Feb

Vadim Repin on the BBC's InTune

Vadim Repin interviewed by Sean Rafferty on 23 February

23 Feb

A Russian virtuoso will open 2016’s celebration of Russian and English language and literature

A Russian virtuoso will open 2016’s celebration of Russian and English language and literature

12 Jan

We are the Festival of the Year 2015

The "Trans-Siberian Art Festival" was appraised by newspaper "Musical Observer"

14 Dec

Vadim Repin announced the programme of the 3rd Trans-Siberian Art Festival

In Novosibirsk a press conference took place, during which Vadim Repin announced the next Festival's programme.

8 Jul

Trans-Siberian Art Festival on air!

Radio Orpheus is brodcasting all our concerts from the year 2015!Schedule of broadcastings:

29 May

Meeting with Prime Minister of Japan

The Prime Minister of Japan receives our Festival's directors.

8 Apr

See you soon!

Successful Closing Concert of the Second Trans-Siberian Art Festival

7 Apr

We're in Krasnoyarsk!

The directors of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival arrive in Krasnoyarsk

4 Apr

Another Historic Moment

First Concert of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival in Moscow

2 Apr

A Historic Moment

United on one stage: Zakhar Bron, Vadim Repin and three students of the young generation.

2 Apr

Krasnoyarsk Welcomes the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

First Symphony Concert of the TSAF in Krasnoyarsk

27 Mar

World Premiere of New Violin Concerto by Lera Auerbach

The world premiere of "De Profundis", Lera Auerbach's new concerto, was received with great enthusiasm in Novosibirsk.

23 Mar

Opening Night of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2015

Last night the opening of the 2nd Trans-Siberian Art Festival took place in Novosibirsk.

17 Mar

Master Classes and Meetings with our Artists

A crucial part of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival's programme consists of master classes and meetings with our guest artists.

30 Jan

Mone Hattori Wins Grand Prix at Goldstein International Violin Competition

15-year-old Japanese violinist Mone Hattori wins Grand Prix at Goldstein Comeptition in Bern, Switzerland.

20 Jan

Preparation For the Next Festival

Hot preparatory phase for our 2nd festival

7 Sep

Piano Quartet from St Petersburg Wins Vadim-Repin-Prize at Austrian Brahms Competition

The Vadim-Repin-Prize awarded at the 21st Brahms Competition in Carinthia (Austria) went to a young piano quartet from St Petersburg for the best interpretation of a contemporary chamber music work.

3 Sep

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival on mezzo.tv

Mezzo is broadcasting a documentary about the Trans-Siberian Art Festival.

2 Jun

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival at the Stars of the White Nights Festival

Performers:Vadim Repin (violin), Alexander Knyazev (cello), Christian Knapp (conductor), The Mariinsky Youth Orchestra

12 Apr

Half an Hour of Standing Ovations Conclude the First Trans-Siberian Art Festival.

The first Trans-Siberian Art Festival comes to a unique and successful end.

10 Apr

Svetlana Zakharova and Vadim Repin Present Their Joint Project "Pas-de-deux for Toes and Fingers", a Russian Premiere.

The premiere took place in the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall in collaboration with the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

9 Apr

"Fiddlemania" Sets Novosibirsk on Fire.

To what heights can the sound of a violin actually rise, and is a domra in fact a string-and-bow instrument...?

9 Apr

Svetlana Zakharova and Vladimir Varnava Visit the Novosibirsk Choreographic College.

On 9 April People's Artist of Russia Svetlana Zakharova and the young choreographer Vladimir Varnava visited the theatre of the Novosibirsk State Choreographic College and talked to the college's students.

8 Apr

Lyubov Gershunova Ballet Award Presented on the Stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre

The presentation of the Lyubov Gershunova Award took place on the stage of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

6 Apr

The English Chamber Orchestra's First Appearance in Novosibirsk

The English Chamber Orchestra is known from a huge number of recordings. It is probably the most recorded ensemble of all times.

5 Apr

Children play for Children Supported by the Natalia Vodyanova Foundation

Natalia Vodyanova's "Naked Heart Foundation" supports children with limited possibilities, orphans and children growing up in unfavourable conditions.

4 Apr

Isktim's Welcome Deeply Moves the Concert's Participants

Mario Brunello, Andrei Korobeinikov, Vadim Repin and the members of the Novosibirsk Youth Symphony Orchestra were met with an amazingly warm welcome from the audience and wonderful care of the organizers in the Novosibirsk regional town Iskitim.

3 Apr

The Memorial for the Workers on the Home Front 1941-45

On the morning of Yusupov's world premiere a group of international journalists visited the Memorial for the Workers on the Home Front 1941-45.

3 Apr

Successful World Premiere of New Yusupov Violin Concerto

The new concerto "Voices of Violin" is dedicated to Vadim Repin. It's world premiere was a huge success.

2 Apr

Vice Prime Minister of Russia Olga Golodets Came to Listen to Bartok's Piano Quintet in Berdsk

The Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Olga Golodets, visited the Trans-Siberian Art Festival's concert in Berdsk and confirmed the importance of this undertaking.

31 Mar

Kent Nagano, Vadim Repin and the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Open Our Festival

The opening night featured Lalo's "Symphonie espagnole" and Berlioz' "Symphonie fantastique".

19 Mar

Composer Benjamin Yusupov: "Music Suffers No Hypocrisy"

Yusupov's new violin concerto will be premiered on 3 April in Novosibirsk

18 Mar

The Mellifluous Sound of a Guarneri

Without dreams there is no life. A conversation with Vadim Repin at the Moscow State Philharmonic Hall.

13 Mar

First Lyubov Gershunova Ballet Award

to be presented at the Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre

9 Feb

Live Radio Interviews on "Echo of Moscow" and "Orfei"

On 9th February Vadim Repin visited the Moscow studios of radio channels "Echo of Moscow" and "Orfei" and talked at length about the Trans-Siberian Art Festival.

7 Feb

Vadim Repin Plays During President Putin's Reception

Vadim Repin performs before high-ranking guests in Sochi.

7 Feb

Svetlana Zakharova: "For this it was worth living."

Svetlana Zakharova performs the role of Natasha Rostova during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

30 Jan

Press Conference in Novosibirsk

Vadim Repin will perform at the Festival nine times.

29 Jan

Vadim Repin Bestows Scholarships

At the same time, auditions were organised for students wishing to take part in the various events of the "Trans-Siberian Art Festival".

29 Jan

The Number of Supporters is Growing

The number of sponsors and partners of the "Trans-Siberian Art Festival" is constantly growing.

26 Jan

Press Conference in Beijing

On 26th January a press conference for Chinese and international journalists took place in Beijing.

24 Jan

Concert-Presentation in Beijing

Vadim Repin performs and presents his Festival in Beijing's Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

16 Jan

Press Lunch for American Journalists in New York

Over a dozen major American media outlets present.

15 Jan

Washington Introduced to the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

On 15 January, a concert-presentation of the Festival took place in Washington.

15 Jan

Vadim Repin Live on RTN in New York

The Russian Television Network of America provides the highest quality 24-hour Russian language television channel in North America.

9 Jan

A New World of Sound at Salle Pleyel

First rehearsal of Yusupov's new violin concerto in Paris.

8 Jan

The New Work is Ready!

Composer Benjamin Yusupov completes his violin concerto.

8 Jan

Interview in "Musique & Opera"

Vadim Repin gives an interview for the French music journal.

9 Dec

26 Aug

Транссибирский Арт-Фестиваль совместно с ДК «Энергия» объявляют набор в «Школу мастеров 2017».

В этом сезоне в Новосибирске проведут свои мастер-курсы: Дмитрий Башкиров (фортепиано) - с 5 по 11 ноября 2017, Борис Гарлицкий (скрипка) - с 15 по 20 ноября 2017 и Дмитрий Вдовин (вокал) – с 16 по 18 января 2018.

11 Jan

An Invitation from Prima Ballerina Svetlana Zakharova

Russian premiere of a newly conceived programme with ballet and music for violin.

13 Dec

Greetings from the President of Russia

The Organizing Committee received greetings from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. 

11 Dec

Vadim Repin on Trans-Siberian Art Festival

Art Director Vadim Repin on Novosibirsk, stars coming to the festival and surprises for the audience.